Karma and Renting

My condo finally sold at the end of September and we’ll be moving this coming weekend. The process was fairly easy and we can now look forward to buying a house, but there was something that caught us completely off guard. Finding an apartment was a total bitch.

We expected that we would be able to just make a couple of calls and find a place near Iris’ office. We could sell my car, she would walk to work, life would be grand. The universe had other plans.

We live in Kelowna. Like all cities we have that area of town that even though it’s decent it ends up with a bad reputation. For here that would be Rutland. Over my years living in Kelowna I’ve made my (large and continued) share of jokes about the area.

I can only assume that karma is behind the fact that the only place we could find is in Rutland.

I’m not going to stop making jokes though.

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