Packing for Lego

We’ll be leaving for Disney World on Saturday at way-too-damn-early AM. I’m looking forward to a week away but I have to say the idea of traveling just after US thanksgiving is leaving me a little nervous. Our flights should avoid any congestion; we are flying to Calgary first and then right to Orlando from there. Hopefully we will be enjoying dinner on the 30th right where and when we expect, but I’m leaving that nugget of doubt in my mind just in case.

A couple of weeks ago Iris suggested that I take my large suitcase so I can pack all the Lego I’ll be getting. I just laughed it off, my small case is way to small to load up for a week away and I planned on using the big one anyway, even though it will be empty with just t-shirts and shorts in it. The idea of buying Lego never really entered my mind, but Iris knew that I was looking forward to the Lego store at Disney World.

My recent desire for Lego is my sisters fault.

Last year my brother and I drove our Dad and all his stuff out to Julie’s place on Vancouver Island. Iris made sure that I picked up a gift for my nephew, Nigel.

“An uncle should never arrive empty-handed,” she told me.

I had no idea what in the world to get so I just settled on a Lego dumptruck kit, figuring that would be something I would want. Little did I know how right I was.

We reached my sisters and helped my Dad into his new place, spending the next day visiting before heading back to the mainland. I gave Nigel the Lego, not realizing that the ages listed on the box should probably be listened to. He was three and a half, the Lego kit was 6+. He asked Julie if she would help him put it together but she had him come to me instead. Of course I said yes.

We laid out the parts on the coffee table, opened up the little manual and started to work. I showed Nigel how the instructions would list the bits that were needed for each step, let him put on the bigger pieces, and took care of the small ones myself. Part by part the it came together and he ran off with the truck to play. I sat there watching him and wanting more to put together.

The Lego itch was definitely back. Eight months later on the return from our Alaskan Cruise I bought a “Grand Prix Racer” (read: non licensed F1 car) and spent two days putting it together. Walking through Toys R Us I would see other Technic kits I could use, modifications I wanted to make, ideas running rampant.

Iris has been working out our schedule getting us both excited for Disney. We have enough time to hit all the parks, some twice, enjoy the nightlife and generally have a great time. Last night I pulled out my big suitcase to pre-pack a few items, tossed in a dozen geekshirts, shorts, socks, underwear. The basic stuff you need for a week-long trip, leaving space for the last-minute stuff, toiletries, electronics and the like. I stood back and looked at it. It was just about half full.

All I could see was empty space to fill up with boxes of Lego.

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