It’s amazing how things can change over the course of two hours.

We expected to have a relaxing Family Day long weekend (a BC thing), maybe a couple of days up Big White, breakfast out with friends, watch a movie. That kind of thing, but right at the start of the weekend, Friday at 5:30pm, everything changed.

I was finishing off my workout on the xbox, just starting a Yoga routine, when Iris came home. Apparently she got off work early and was able to get her workout in and get home sooner than I expected. We chatted a bit as she grabbed her laptop and on a whim looked at the website our realtor had setup for early listings. We had both looked at it hours before and there were no new listings.

She clicked away for a minute and then said “Wow”.

I looked over while in a warrior 2. “What is it?”

“Six new listings. Look at this one.”

I stopped the game and went over to look. She had a pic of the living room up and clicked through a few images until we saw the kitchen.

That was enough for me. “Call Trever, lets get in there right away.”

We texted him just before 6pm asking for a viewing, today if possible, and I took a quick shower. Iris called her parents and let them know of the listing, asking if they wanted to come along to take a look. We started dinner, Iris disappeared to do some studying, and we waited.

At 6:20pm Trever let us know that we could view it at 7:20pm. The next 40 minutes took forever to pass. I played Minecraft and Iris continued to study, but neither of us were really engrossed. Based on the photos and description this seemed like the house for us and after a few earlier failures we knew not to wait to make a decision. At 7pm we headed out and hit every single light on the way, arriving just before 7:20pm. The home was lit up as we got out of the car and headed in.

“Welcome home!”. Trever was there at the top of the stairs, arms opened up in a welcoming gesture. He’s been working with us for 18 months, selling both our condos and searching for a house. He knew this was the one.

After a slow walk through, Iris’ parents coming a little later, and some discussion, we put in an offer.

It took two hours for a quiet weekend to become something completely different.

Today the subjects were removed and we have effectively bought a house. Now the overwhelming part of that two hours is hitting us as we figure out flooring, paint, appliances, and everything else that goes with home ownership.


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