The Garden – Spring Prep

Last year we made and grew an amazing garden of veggies, but I didn’t think to take any pictures to document it. This year I am taking the time to do that.

We had an unseasonably warm day and spent it getting the garden prepped up for planting. Last year we did romaine lettuce, roma, grape, and beefsteak tomatoes, green peppers, onions, green beans, and leeks. I expect we’ll do the same for this coming year, but after what we learned last season we will protect them a bit better. There was a major quail problem and they ate most of the lettuce before we put netting around it. Potatoes and pumpkins will be going in as well, off to the side of the garden.

The garden itself is made up of landscape ties and is 12 feet wide and 8 feet deep. It took 4 cubic yards of dirt to fill up (and we fertilized and topped it up today). The ‘U’ shape is to easily let us reach the middle without having to step into it. There is irrigation tied into the back yard grass zone, but later this spring I need to put in a new zone for just the garden itself.

Piper was out with us “helping”, and as you can see from my red head below, I got a little too much sun.

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