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I have made a selection of photography prints available to buy on Fine Art America. When traveling I always have my camera with me ready to grab that perfect shot and these represent those moments. They are the images that have made the biggest wow when I have shown them.

30th Story over Yale Town
30th Story over Yale Town

In 2014 Iris convinced me to get a large canvas print made a shot from Vancouver. The picture is above the sofa in our family room, prominently on display for anyone to see. At first I was reluctant as I’m super duper extra critical of the things I do, but it turned out great and I get compliments on a regular basis. Iris knew that this was the push to get me to take my photography more seriously.

It worked.

Three years later, with new camera gear, lenses, and lots of practice, I feel that I can show off my best work. Fine Art America is a Print on Demand site for photography so these are not limited edition images and they are priced accordingly.  In the future I may look into limited editions as there are some formats that I am going to experiment with that they do not offer. But as a start this site has come highly recommended.

I’ve taken to using Instagram for new ideas and images I am working on. You can also view mullwell.com as the home of my photography portfolios and my Facebook page as well. If you see anything you would be interested in as photography prints please let me know.

So take a look, and if you like what you see pick one out or share it to friends!

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