Condo’s and Notebooks

My condo sold on Friday. Well, the subjects were removed which pretty much means it has sold, but things can still go wonky. For the sake of argument its sold. The process was a long drawn out 16 months from first listing to now, but it’s over. We can move onto the next step.

The shocking part of selling was simply trying to find a good realtor. It seems a lot of them are not actually sales people, sure they can fill out the forms and know the business but they don’t have that go-for-the-throat quality that we wanted. The person we picked is a sales guy first, realtor second. He really knows how to negotiate with the other parties and get what we want. We went through 4 interviews with prospective realtors before we found him. I’m not really sure why this is.

Anyway, condo sold. We went out to celebrate on Friday night (instead of staying at home eating leftover chilli) at a local wine bar (the Rotten Grape). The plan was a flight of wine and some shared food. The reality was a flight of wine, some shared food, 2 more glasses of wine, and some bubbly to finish.

We got nice and liquored. Once in a while thing and we had good reason, so totally worth it.

That night after we had crawled into bed I had my standard sleepless night after drinking a bit more than I normally do. This was different though. As I lay there, still slightly drunk, I was thinking of things to write about. The condo sale was one thing, and there was something else. Something that at the time seemed great, something that I could run with and have some fun.

“I should really jot this down,” I thought, and proceeded to reach over to grab my phone. The phone I had left on the kitchen counter. The kitchen counter I had no desire to get out of a warm bed to get to.

“Crap, ok, well… I’ll just repeat it to myself over and over to memorize it,” my drunken mind decided. So I did that. I clearly remember thinking this awesome idea over and over again.

But do you think I remember what it actually was?

I’ve always read that you should keep a notebook and pen by your bed for just such an occasion. I always thought that was silly when you have a smartphone.

Tonight I’m putting a notebook and pen by the bed.

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