The Xbox One was announced when I was on a cruise ship in Alaska at the Hubbard Glacier. I took about a thousand photos if I remember correctly. Now I’m a gamer, so to say I was a little miffed missing that conference would be correct, but given where I was and what I was doing I’ll forgive Microsoft for planning it in the middle of my vacation (hah!).

When I made it back to waters with Canadian cell data the first thing I looked for were details from that conference. And all I felt was an almighty ‘meh’. Months go by, more tidbits come out and I still have no driving need to pick up the new box on release day. Getting one eventually is a given, but not standing in line waiting. Dave doesn’t do that.

August comes along with Mad Catz announcing their new racing wheel for the One and suddenly I’m interested again. But I quickly lose that rush when I see no pricing and no release date. Why get worked up for Forza 5 on the xbone when I would have to use a controller like a commoner? I’m a racing wheel guy, not going to change that just so I can play it on release.

Then today. Today Iris gets told that she can order a launch edition One with some bonus items through work. Bonus items that are stupid for me (us?) not to grab. I give her my account details and then we wait. There is a 400 person limit and we won’t know until 5pm pst if we got in before that hit.

Suddenly I want One.

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