Titanwin, Titanfail, Titanfall

I jumped back into Titanfall last week and something seemed off to me, something that took a few days to figure out. Something that shocked me at the time. I was good. Damn good. Regularly in the top three, MVP of matches. Headshots, crazy kills, parkouring like a master. Shockingly good. I didn’t really have …

Disney Day 3 – The Quiet Day

We had a relaxing start to the day with a real breakfast in a real restaurant with real seats. It was really good. For real. We found ourselves wandering around half an hour later with a map and the Disney app trying to figure out where to head first. A passing cast member realized we …

Getting One

I received the email from Microsoft on Tuesday and we are getting the Xbox One deal that Iris was offered through her work. Suddenly getting excited. All I need now is MadCatz to announce pricing and details on their racing wheel for the One and I will be completely ready.