Titanwin, Titanfail, Titanfall

I jumped back into Titanfall last week and something seemed off to me, something that took a few days to figure out. Something that shocked me at the time.

I was good. Damn good.

Regularly in the top three, MVP of matches. Headshots, crazy kills, parkouring like a master. Shockingly good. I didn’t really have an explanation for it, and I didn’t care, so I enjoyed my new found skills and kicked some ass.

That is until lunch with Mike on Saturday. We caught up on happenings (me: titanfall. him: too much stuff to list that makes me feel like a lazy slob), and made our way over to BestBuy to look at a phone holder for my car. As we walked through the gaming section Mike asked me if I had played the Destiny Beta yet.

And then it crashed down on me.

I was kicking ass at Titanfall because everyone with any skill was off playing Destiny.

Yesterday the Frontier’s Edge map pack came out, all the experts had returned, and I was back holding my own in 6th.

Now it’s back to normal, but at least I can say I enjoyed playing Titanwin for a brief, but hellishly fun time. Titanfail it is until the next big thing.

I did get to enjoy something I thought was a rare fluke (until I looked into it). Ejecting into a dropship!

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