We picked up Piper two weeks ago. After taking care of Master Chief, Mike’s cat, for 3 weeks while he was in Asia, we knew we needed something fuzzy once we had to return him.

When the Kelowna SPCA announced a month of half price adoption fees we re-arranged our weekend to go take a look at what they had to offer. We knew we wanted a female, the male cats I have owned were all crazy, and one that was young enough to enjoy having as a kitten and watching her grow. The SPCA adoption process is a lot more in depth than I remember, but it is understandable. With the forms you need to fill out, the fee’s, and the process of seeing the pets they try to ensure you are serious about picking up a new pet.

The kittens we liked were all part of the same litter, with the two females being little fuzzy black cuties. Quake, her original name, ran around the showing room with her tail in the air, sniffing everything and rubbing up against us at every opportunity. She was the one.

We brought her home in the funky little carry box and set her free to explore.

After the first night we realized we needed some cat toys to keep her occupied. Walking down to the stores near us we tried our best to find something, but we were meeting with failure. Until we got to the last store. They had a little puff ball with legs, an octopus looking thing, and that was the toy to get. Taking it to the till to try and pay was an issue. It didn’t scan at all, and when we were in the aisle there was no price as it was just sitting on the shelf, so we didn’t know its true cost. The manager let us take it, so we did, thinking nothing but our luck for a free toy.

I think her first reaction should have clued us in. She played and tossed it around like a kitten should, but then she freaked right out. Fur standing up, back arched, tail puffed out. Just what you would expect from a very scared kitty.

Going through later photo’s I found one that was a little disturbing. I think we may have released something dark and horrible upon an unsuspecting world.



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