Titanwin, Titanfail, Titanfall

I jumped back into Titanfall last week and something seemed off to me, something that took a few days to figure out. Something that shocked me at the time. I was good. Damn good. Regularly in the top three, MVP of matches. Headshots, crazy kills, parkouring like a master. Shockingly good. I didn’t really have […]

Got One

The Saga of getting an Xbox One came to a close on Friday last week. With the release of Titanfall and the bundle that includes the game I thought this was the right time to pick up the new console. Even though my attempt to get it with the Disney deal last year turned out […]

No One

The saga of the Xbox One came to an odd end yesterday. When it was confirmed that I was able to get this deal we were still living in my condo just before we were to move. I quickly put the pre-order in thinking that in a few weeks I could easily change the shipping […]

Getting One

I received the email from Microsoft on Tuesday and we are getting the Xbox One deal that Iris was offered through her work. Suddenly getting excited. All I need now is MadCatz to announce pricing and details on their racing wheel for the One and I will be completely ready.


The Xbox One was announced when I was on a cruise ship in Alaska at the Hubbard Glacier. I took about a thousand photos if I remember correctly. Now I’m a gamer, so to say I was a little miffed missing that conference would be correct, but given where I was and what I was […]