The Last Place I Looked

I aggravated an old wrist injury on the weekend pulling up the carpet and yanking out staples. At first it wasn’t that bad but as the week has gone on it has gotten steadily worse. As we were eating tonight and finding that just holding the soup bowl was hurting I decided I really needed to dig out my wrist brace.

Of course we’ve been living partially from boxes since August 2013, so like most of our stuff I had absolutely no idea where that brace could be. I spent twenty minutes wandering around, opening up drawers, digging through stuff until I saw it in a rubbermaid tub. I let Iris know that I had found it and she asked me where.

“The last place I looked,” I said.

And then I paused for a second. Of course it was in the last place I looked, why would I keep looking if I found it?


Typing with this thing on sucks.

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