Unexpected Duplication

When Iris and I moved in together I packed my clothes, laptop, and xbox (the necessities), and moved into her condo. After a month we decided we were able to tolerate each other so we prepared to list my condo for sale. I packed up the little extra’s I wanted, and we put a chunk of my stuff into storage as we staged my place. A month later we listed Iris’ condo and did the same with some of her things.

Fast forward a year, just after Iris’ place sold, we needed to downsize from her two bedroom into my one, so a lot of her stuff was boxed up and put beside mine in the storage locker we were renting. I would shake my head looking in there; by then I had forgotten what was in my original boxes. My place promptly sold, so even more things were put into storage.

Last weekend we moved into our house and we are now going through all those storage items and realizing just how much of it was duplicated. I mean, it’s to be expected, two kitchens, two living rooms, two bedrooms. But still, so much stuff going to charity, and we still have four more boxes of just kitchen things to go through.

At least we can see the floor in the garage now.

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