The Fiddling Little Bits

We’ve been working on the house since we were given the keys on February 20th. Demolition and preparations for the painters and carpet layers, and then installing the hardwood ourselves, we are pretty much ready to move in for April 5th.

I would say we are about 99% done.

We still need to finish sealing the baseboards, I ran out of filler yesterday afternoon. There’s still silicon sealing on the floors around the kitchen and a few transition spots. Oh, and wood filler for the few nail holes on the hardwood.

So ya, definitely 95% done.

Iris is painting the amazing entry way bench and cabinet her Dad has made for us. That needs at least one more coat. The kitchen cabinet doors are cleaned and sitting where the stove is going to be, so they need to be put back up. Oh, and Iris’ Dad is going to finish off the cupboards above the fridge.

Yep, 90% done.

The closet doors on the main floor are still in the garage, so we need to get them trimmed and placed. We are replacing the hot water tank and the plumber will be in on Thursday. And the appliances still haven’t arrived.

Well, 85% done. Maybe?

I’m going to stop thinking about this.

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  1. 90% done is a much better answer. I can’t imagine of thinking it is less than that.

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