No One

The saga of the Xbox One came to an odd end yesterday. When it was confirmed that I was able to get this deal we were still living in my condo just before we were to move. I quickly put the pre-order in thinking that in a few weeks I could easily change the shipping [...]

Pommes Frites

Last week Iris planned a special dinner out for Friday night. My calendar event simply said "Surprise" and since I wasn't packing a bag I assumed we weren't headed to Arizona. French Fries was the only hint she gave me and that narrowed it down to just about every single restaurant in Kelowna. There's an [...]


I've been a tech geek my entire life. Memories from childhood always included a computer or console of some variety. Given my age that's something hard to do, I was born in 1973 just before all this technology took off, so it's a little surprising to me that even though I love technology I tend [...]

Getting One

I received the email from Microsoft on Tuesday and we are getting the Xbox One deal that Iris was offered through her work. Suddenly getting excited. All I need now is MadCatz to announce pricing and details on their racing wheel for the One and I will be completely ready.